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Visual Backtesting Environment

When creating your stock & options trading systems, you can use our Interactive Development Environment (IDE) to build your trading systems with a few clicks of the mouse.

If you are a non-programmer, you can build trading strategies visually using a Scratch-like interface, a visual programming tool developed by MIT and used by millions of people worldwide.

If you are a programmer, you can build trading systems using Scala, a modern programming language used by hedge funds and trading desks.

Visual Drag & Drop

Create stock & options trading systems without any programming knowledge. Just Drag & Drop to build your trading strategies and options spreads.



Our IDE is full of features that make developing stock & options trading strategies easier. 


  • Visual Strategy Builder
  • Option Risk Graphs
  • Integrated Help
  • Fast Feedback (Build, Test, Repeat)
  • Graphical Results
  • Ask the Community


  1. Jim Nowak

    Well done. I can see opportunities in your product both from the point of view of someone who wishes to simplify backtesting, as well as someone (like me) who wishes to learn more about programming. Interestingly, I ran across an intro programming course done by Harvard (using Scratch) which was quite similar. Looking forward to learning more!

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