Scala Resources

Scala is used at the world’s  largest financial institutions and hedge funds to develop the next generation of trading platforms.

We love Scala because it provides a type safe language with powerful  features that are required for developing options trading algorithms at scale.   Our traders love Scala because it simplifies the construction of trading algorithms.

Scala Resources

  • Don’t worry – you only need to know a minimal amount of Scala to develop advanced options trading algorithms using the OptionStack platform!
  • Coding in Scala can be fun!  Take a look at some of the Scala resources below, and you’ll be up and running in no time!

First Steps

Useful Links

Scala Books 

Scala Courses 

Some excellent free Coursera courses are available. They are 7 weeks long, so it’s a commitment, but worth it. Start with the Functional Programming Principles – this teaches functional programming through Scala.


Style / Coding Standards 

Practising Scala 

Functional Programming 

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