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OptionStack is an institutional-grade platform to build and test your stock & options trading strategies. Unlike other stock & options analysis software, OptionStack’s patent-pending technology automates the whole process of backtesting your trading strategies!

Our mission is to empower all investors to achieve their financial goals. We believe no one cares more about your money than you.  And with the right set of tools, you can manage your investments better than anyone on Wall Street!

  • All traders,  both  non-programmers and programmers alike, will find OptionStack extremely valuable.
  • Non-programmers will enjoy OptionStack’s Visual Trade Builder that allows you to create  complex stock & options trading systems without any programming knowledge.  These tools are designed specifically so that non-programmers can leverage the power of OptionStack to create profitable stock & options trading systems.Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.05.51 PM
  • Experienced programmers will enjoy OptionStack’s full programming features using a modern language like Scala.
You can backtest various stock and options trading strategies, from buying stock to selling covered calls to adjusting iron condors.

  • Create trading systems from hundreds of available technical / statistical / volatility studies.
  • Specify custom entry / exit / adjustment rules based on any number of market conditions & custom trading criteria.
  • Backtest and optimize your trading systems across 10+ years of market conditions in a matter of seconds
  • Analyze your results using advanced visualization tools and risk graphs

Supported stock & options strategies include:

  • Stock
  • Calls
  • Puts
  • Covered Calls
  • Married Puts
  • Collars
  • Vertical Spreads
  • Straddles
  • Strangles
  • Butterflies
  • Iron Butterflies
  • Condors
  • Iron Condors
  • Calendar Spreads
  • Diagonal Spreads
  • Risk Reversals / Synthetic Stock
  • Unbalanced Butterflies
  • Unbalanced Iron Condors
  • Custom Option Spreads
If you would like data that is not currently available on our platform, we can acquire the data for you for an additional fee.  For example, we can acquire higher frequency data (5 min, 1 min, etc.) for specific symbols at your request.  
We can also acquire custom data sets, such as sentiment data, fundamental data, etc, tailored to your specific needs.
Please contact us for more information.
Yes, we can help build your custom trading strategies. Our Professional Services team is available to help you create and backtest your custom strategies. Please contact us for more information.

OptionStack runs in the cloud, so that you can harness our server farm for institutional speeds from your desktop computer or  your mobile phone / tablet.

There is no software to install.  You can use OptionStack on any device that has a web browser, including Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Linux, etc.  Just sign up and get started in seconds.

Your algorithms are kept secret. We are committed to protecting your intellectual property and keeping it safe. We take this responsibility to our members extremely seriously.

If you choose to do so, you can share your algorithm so that others can see it. If you choose to share an algorithm, it is still owned by you, but it is obviously no longer a secret. A shared algorithm can be used and adapted by others.

Certain OptionStack employees can see your algorithm in very specific situations, such as when providing technical support or resolving a site stability issue. 

Sign up for a free trial today!  For help on how to get started, please see our Learning Resources and our video tutorials.